Exploding Numbers


A puzzle game where numbers divide and combine with other numbers.

Made with Löve framework.
Language: Lua
License: GPL3+
Unzip .love file to see source code

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Mar 24 20230.832 new levels + some tweaks, colors pruned, animation speed fixed
Mar 19 20230.82color-related tweaks, characters-only mode
Mar 17 20230.81option to change shape, exit menus with Esc
Mar 16 20230.8permutate color schemes, better import check
Mar 13 20230.732 more color schemes and menu tweaks
Mar 13 20230.72fixed startup and loading, added one level and 2 color schemes
Mar 05 20230.71updated help
Mar 03 20230.7zooming, settings menu, redraws on focus
Feb 19 20230.62help corrected, UI and levels tweaks
Feb 15 20230.61bugfix (md5 hash), UI and levels tweaks
Feb 13 20230.6some tweaks, fixes and a few new levels
Jan 31 20230.54small tweaks to interface and help
Jan 30 20230.53hopefully fixed window size on some mobile screens
Jan 29 20230.52shader bug fixed, some tweaks
Jan 29 20230.5initial release


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